About Us

Opening New Doors Foundation Inc. has been persistent in finding a way to use innovation and experience to  provide access to safe housing and services for survivors of domestic violence and their families so that they are able to start over safely and of their own choosing.

We are expanding housing options in Montgomery County to offer safe housing options to women and children who are fleeing abuse. We are aware that while Montgomery County has resources, we still do not have a structure that respects the need to recognize the specialized needs and strengths of those survivors needing supportive housing. 
We are working on forming a comprehensive network of advocates, including survivors, who are raising awareness, fighting 

for  expanded awareness and recognition among every layer of our society. We are providing high quality, clinical and case management services that are customized to each of our client’s individual needs.  

 Also, through reaching out to lawmakers, community members, partnering and referring agencies, and survivors who are interested in giving back to support other women in need. We are focused on not only providing a time limited bed, but a needs based comprehensive supportive transitional  housing program. This would be an option that allows them to create a well thought out and executed plan to get situated in restarting their lives with support