Our Programs

Relocation Assistance/Rapid Rehousing Services

We will work with you to locate a housing solution that works for your needs. Many survivors wish to start over away from where their abusive partner resides because of fear. It can be hard to think clearly when you are experiencing such a mix of strong emotions. Let us work together to figure out what steps to take to find the best housing solution for your situation.

Whether you are looking for a secured DV shelter, can transfer your job or housing voucher and just need housing search help, or anything in between, we are here to help.

Marijke’s Place- Transitional Housing for Women & Children Survivors of Domestic Violence 

Over the summer we opened one of the few transitional housing support programs in Maryland for single women or mothers of children (maximum of 2 children per family-due to limited permitted capacity) who have been affected by domestic violence. 

We offer a safe housing community-based program. We have everything you may need to start over, especially when timing can be everything when having to escape, We will help coordinate your customized safety plan. We offer counseling for yourself and your child(ren) 



We offer trauma counseling with licensed professional trauma trained clinicians. It is so helpful to recovering from abuse to understand the dynamics at play when experiencing or recovering from domestic violence (Power & Control wheel and the Cycle of Violence),  understanding PTSD or the effects of trauma, learning relaxation and grounding techniques, creating or repairing former healthy support systems, safety planning and creating a recovery plan.

We also will be restarting virtual groups shortly, and are now registering for winter. Please click the button to request more information or to be added to our waiting list.



Safety Planning 

We will address safety starting with our first communication. We will help you plan whichever situation you may be coping with: 

  • address safety if you choose to stay in your home
  • address safety if you need to escape the abuse
  • safety when preparing to leave
  • safety if you need to relocate
  • safety if you need to get into a shelter
  • safety when living independently or in our Transitional Housing
  • safety at work, with friends, for children
  • safety to/from pressing charges
  • safety at visits
  • or any other situation that is always a different scenario


how to stay as safe as possible, whether you need to stay in your home, whether you plan to leave, whether you relocate,  

Career Counseling/Job Skills/Job Placement Opportunities 

We partner with an amazing organization Career Catchers  who offer career evaluations in order to identify your career goals, skills you may have or want to learn, identify steps to reach your ideal career.  We work with Career Catchers  and occasionally have job opportunities through our community or their network. 


Resources & Supplies

We have developed a Supply Pantry because we know that leaving an abusive home is such a stressful time. We know that sometimes the amazing survivors we work with, have to literally escape barefoot, with only their children and the clothes on their backs. We know that they may need to start over and lose all of their belongings. Our closet is stocked with some of the following: 

  • clothing (all sizes maternity Small, babies, young children, teens, women, new packages of underwear and socks)
  • food
  • furniture
  • hygiene products
  • baby supplies, diapers, wipes, formula, car seats
  • disability supplies 
  • toys and craft packages 
  • animal supplies
  • and access to any other supplies we may need through a network that is ready to donate items when needed
Awareness Programming

As a network of survivors wanting to give back and make a difference for those suffering and those without a voice. We are working to speak with any politician, media, communities, nonprofits, individuals to raise awareness about various areas needing acknowledgement  and change. 

We have numerous domestic violence survivors who wish to share their story for those who wish to understand and support. For so long survivors have been forced to withhold secrets and have no voice. Contact us if you are interested in having a speaker come and help raise awareness and understanding of this complex issues.